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Hunger Games Hair: Copy The Braids From Catching Fire!

If you swooned over all the badass braids in Hunger Games (I mean, who didn’t?), then brace yourself, because the second installment of the trilogy features even doper ‘dos. Yes, seriously! Thanks to the super talented stylists over at SalonCapri in Boston, Graziella Lembo and Latoya Hill, you can start getting into character way before Catching […]

Hair Chalk: How to DIY In 5 Easy Steps

Holy amazeballs, I love hair chalk! I once contemplated adding a real shock of color to my mane when I was in high school and then again a couple of months ago, but both times I totally chickened out because I thought I would just look ridiculous. However, in the meantime, I DID discover the […]

A Look Back At Some Of My Favorite Hairstyles

Believe it or not, I was a total tomboy when I was a little kid. I would only wear my long hair up in super tight, sleek ponytails (NO BUMPS!), unless it was school picture day and my mom forced me to wear it down. Love you mom! Everything changed the summer before seventh grade […]

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