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This Hanging Chair May Be The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me

Okay, obviously I’m exaggerating a little bit on the whole “best thing that ever happened to me” part, but I’ve been drooling over hanging chairs for so long that when my boyfriend finally took the plunge and bought me one for my birthday last year I was ecstatic! Granted, it ended up taking us another […]

DIY Home Decor: Wall Sticker Stairs

Isn’t Pinterest awesome? That’s where I first got the idea to wall sticker our stairs. To my frustration, when I searched for tutorials on exactly how to do it though (I’m a big rule follower), there weren’t really any out there, just a lot of great pictures. Our stairs were in need of a major […]

Take A Peek Inside My Boho Chic Cottage

Happy Monday everyone! I moved in with the love of my life and boyfriend of two years, Kenny, in January and thought today would be the perfect time to share some pictures of our cute little cottage with you. It’s funny how I never cared much about home decor (fashion clearly came first) until him […]