Skype Style: How to Look Your Best on Video Chat

Look good on video chat

I may be a seasoned pro when it comes to snapping flattering Instagram pics, but Prescriptives’ Beauty Genius Erica Bishop, who video chats with women every day to fit them with Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation and Powder, seriously knows what’s up in the Skype style department. So whether you have a virtual job interview coming up or a steamy FaceTime sesh planned with your man, check out her seven tips to learn how to look your best on video chat. Because yeah, let’s face it, we all do care!

1. Smile big.

Bigger than you think you should!

2. Find your best angle.

Play around with the angle of your camera to see what looks best, but always have it at or above eye level. If your camera can’t tilt on its own, then adjust how you’re sitting or use props. Don’t be afraid to get creative, they won’t show up on camera!

3. Connect with the camera.

You can only make “eye contact” with the person on the other end if you’re looking straight into the camera, so try to engage directly with the camera for the majority of your chat, glancing at your own computer screen sparingly. The person on the other end will appreciate it.

4. Create great lighting. 

For the most flattering lighting, you should be lit from the front, more so than from any other angle. Ideally, your light source will be directly behind the camera. To brighten up your face, set a sheet of white paper on the table below you to reflect light onto your face.

5. Wear some element of white.

It balances and neutralizes the computer screen coloring. Avoid red however, as it’s the hardest color for video to replicate. Also, steer clear of patterns.

6. Do away with distractions.

Keep your background clean with minimal distractions and no moving objects (i.e. a busy street or television).

7. Speak up.

Can’t touch-type and need to take notes? Avoid awkwardness by telling the person you’re chatting with that you’ll be looking down to take notes (so he or she won’t think you’re distracted or disinterested).

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  1. Jocelyn
    September 25, 2013 at 8:40 am (4 years ago)

    Great article!


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