Take A Peek Inside My Boho Chic Cottage

Living Room

Happy Monday everyone! I moved in with the love of my life and boyfriend of two years, Kenny, in January and thought today would be the perfect time to share some pictures of our cute little cottage with you. It’s funny how I never cared much about home decor (fashion clearly came first) until him and I got a place together. I guess that’s just my natural wifey/female instincts finally kicking in? Who knows.

Anyway, he tells me I’m practically an interior designer by now, which I not so secretly love. I’ll let you be the judge though.

If I had to describe it, I’d say my home decor style is very boho chic, Anthropologie with a bit of modern mixed in, kind of like my wardrobe.

Kitchen Table


Anthro Pillow

Picture 3


Picture 4

Wall Flower

Bistro Table

Boho Chic Cottage

Liz and Kenny


My Love Affair With Alexander Wang



American-Apparel-belt American-Apparel-short American-Apparel-Tote



My deep love affair with Alexander Wang began a little over four years ago. I was in my last year of college at NYU and working as an intern/slave three days a week at one of the most powerful fashion PR agencies in the city, Bismarck Phillips. We repped dream clients like Preen, Erin Fetherston and Derek Lam, not to mention a slew of other highly respected designers. In February of 2009 alone, I think we were responsible for planning more than 20 shows at New York Fashion week. Yeahhh, that was hell.

Despite my utter lack of sleep and caffeine highs though, all that hard work finally paid off when we got to attend several of the shows. Your girl (me) sat front row at Tadashi, tried to play it cool in front of celebs at Catherine Malandrino and fell hard for Alexander Wang as soon as the music turned on. The energy was insane! It was more like a rock/rap concert up in there than anything else!

Of course I loved all the black leather jackets and badass ankle boots he sent down the runway. I specifically remember pining after these babies for forever, but I never actually took the plunge and bought them. Boo :(


Now, thanks to my boyfriend’s mom, I’m posing with a beautiful bright blue leather bag from the man himself: Mr. Wang. My American Apparel cobalt belt happened to match it perfectly, so I built my outfit from there, topping things off with a white hat by J. Lo (I know, I know…don’t judge me.)

Unfortunately for me but lucky for you, I’m selling this brand new bag, as his mom bought it off eBay not realizing how big it is. It’s sold out everywhere else (to my knowledge at least), so if you’re interested, contact me for pricing: emitchell456@gmail.com.

Alexander Wang Structured Emile Tote

It can fit your makeup, a change of clothes, an iPad, your laptop, your flats and really, the list goes on.

Until tomorrow,

American Apparel Pleated Cuff Short, $54; American Apparel Unisex Basic Leather Belt, $30 $15; Luichiny Black Studded Booties, $72; Ring & White Bangle from Shopbelina; Turquoise Bracelet from Diana Tracy Collection; Tank from LF; Vintage Watch

Style Spotlight: Little Fashionistas With Big Swagger

Little fashionista

Anyone who really knows me knows that I’m slightly obsessed with kids. Okay, more than slightly; I love me some little nugs, what can I say?! I informed my boyfriend the other day that when we pop out a baby girl I’m totally going to dress her up and feature outfit posts of her on my blog. He’s all like, “whatever,” but I’ve already determined she’s going to be chicer than Suri. LOL.

Speaking of America’s (formerly) best-dressed kid though, private school and her parents’ whole divorce has really screwed up Suri’s style game, don’t ya think? Or maybe it was just the fact that Katie banned her from rocking designer duds? I mean, who would do such a cruel thing to a seven-year-old!

 Either way, that’s okay because there’s a bajillion other tiny tots we can look to for fashion inspiration around the web. Here’s a few I personally think have the most toddler swagger:

Alexander Wang’s niece has already mastered the art of street style posing while simultaneously picking her nose. Work it girl!

Alexander Wang's niece

image via

Whoever these hipster kids in the making are, I sure wouldn’t mind adopting ‘em.

Baby fashionistas

image via

Doesn’t this tiny nug remind you so much of Darla from Little Rascals? I could just eat her right up!

Baby fashionista

image and dress via Etsy

Meet your next future fashion power couple (AKA Posh Spice and David Beckham).

Kid fashionistas

image via

The footwear on these two little girls is unreal. I want those roller skates now!

Kid Fashionistas

image via

Which kid is your favorite?

How To Rock A Faux Fur Vest For Summer









I know you’re probably thinking, “WTF! A faux fur vest for summer? Why in the world would I ever want to wear that, Liz?”. Umm, because they’re awesome, first of all. And second of all, a fuzzy wuzzy vest is one of the easiest and chicest ways to add another layer of interest and texture to your outfit.

If it’s a bajillion degrees outside, of course you’re going to sweat your tush off. But when the sun goes down, you’ll be feeling cool as a cucumber. Plus, it’ll keep you warm on those particularly breezy summer evenings, and who doesn’t love that?

Here, I chose a super soft white faux fur vest paired with matching high-waisted American Apparel leggings and a blue crop top tank I scored from the LF sale for like $12.

A word to the wise though: stick to faux fur vests in neutral, summery colors and don’t buy a big, bulky one that makes you look like the Abominable Snowman because well, that would just be weird…

xox, Liz

Eight Sixty Fur Vest, $48 (similar); American Apparel Shiny Nylon Tricot Leggings, $34; Elizabeth and James Kendall Fashion Sunglasses, $185; Crystal Spike Bracelet, $18 (similar); Jeffrey Campbell Clinic Mirror Wedge Boots; LF Stores Crop Tank

4 Surprisingly Chic Things To Wear On A Fat Day

Mean Girls Fat Day

Having one of those depressing, god awful days where you feel exactly like Shamu would (AKA HUGE) trying to squeeze into a pair of skinnies? Psh, join the club, sister! This is typically me during “that time of month” or the morning after a night of hardcore boozing and binge eating really weird sh*t, which thankfully doesn’t happen too often anymore. Cheers to being in my mid-20s with a serious job and boyfriend, right?! LOL.

As it is, I’m a creature of comfort. My closet is stocked full of roomy one-size-fits-all tops and basic American Apparel leggings that I could most def live in. However, I’d like to go beyond the obvious today and point out a few fab fat day outfits you’ve probably never even thought of rocking.

Because honestly, there’s no need to let a little bloat cramp your style, babes ;)

1. A Cool Kimono (that makes you look super skinny). Seriously, it does the trick every time!

Asos Dip Dye Kimono Cardigan

Asos Dip Dye Fluffy Kimono Cardigan, $71

2. A Funny Sweatshirt. Preferably one that turns your weakness into an asset, like this one:

Wildfox Couture Midnight Snacking Expert

Wildfox Couture Midnight Snacking Expert Sweatshirt, $118

3. Fashion Forward Overalls. They’re real trendy right now. Plus these are baggy, which makes them the perfect fit for a fat day.

Friend of Mine Bambi Denim Overalls

Friend of Mine Bambi Denim Overalls, $250

4. Dressy Lounge Pants. Why yes, there is such a thing, and you too can look chic in them! Maybe not this chic, but chic enough.

Free People Sweatpants

Free People Intarsia Swit Lounge Pant, $98

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