6 Need-To-Know Wedding Beauty Dos and Don’ts

Wedding Beauty dos and don'ts

If you’re like me and in your mid-20s, chances are a lot of your BFFs are starting to tie the knot. I’ve personally been to two weddings this year alone and have my good friend Katie’s bachelorette party coming up in less than a month in Charleston (so pumped, ladies!).

While you definitely don’t want to try and outshine the bride on her big day, you do want to look and feel your best for the occasion. After all, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Follow these 6 wedding beauty dos and don’ts to ensure a night for the books.

1. DO treat yourself to an at-home pedi

Open toe shoes call for pretty feet! Treat yourself to an at-home pedi pre-wedding with this DIY, exfoliating fix courtesy of beauty expert Kim Wallace. “Blend two tablespoons of ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda in a basin of warm water. For a little zest, add a few drops of peppermint, lavender or lemon oil,” she suggests. “After soaking and softening, make a scrub using three parts baking soda and one part water. If you need to calm a few more calluses, add one part brown sugar to the scrub. Follow with an application of a rich moisturizer and a warm towel foot wrap. Let sit for 5-10 minutes.” Voila! Your feet will feel smooth, clean and ready to break it down on the dance floor.

2. DON’T overdo it

When it comes to your hair, less is def more. “A style that’s too done could end up looking harsh or severe on camera,” notes beauty industry veteran and former celebrity hair stylist, Peter Lamas. “Loosen a few strands of your updo, or give your locks a quick toss around to achieve a more natural look.” Trust me, your Instagram will thank you later!

3. DO forgo the falsies

Sure, you’re dying to make a lasting impression on your wedding date with some va-va-voom lashes, but turns out, glue-on falsies may not be the best idea for a wedding. Why? Well, because according to Jamie Kern, Founder of IT Cosmetics, breaking a sweat on the dance floor could cause the glue to seep into your eyes, which (as you can imagine) would be so irritating and messy. Instead, try a great volumizing and lengthening mascara to fake the look.

4. DON’T forget to exfoliate your lips

If you’re planning on puckering up at a wedding (all my single ladies!), exfoliating your pout is a must. To create your own lip scrub at home, Beverly Hills Aesthetician Gina Marí recommends this recipe. “Take vaseline, sugar, caramel and a drop of honey, and mix all the ingredients into a small bowl,” she says. “Gently apply with a toothbrush on your lips to slough away dead skin.” Rinse and put on your favorite lip balm or lipstick for a totally kissable mouth.

5. DO tilt your head in pics

Worried about looking hot in photos? “To avoid a double chin, arch your neck up and outward and tilt your head for a fun, approachable appearance,” advises e.l.f. Cosmetics’ Creative Director Achelle Dunaway. “Pushing your head forward just slightly will help tighten the neck. If your skin is looking oily right before you’re pulled into a pic, use the back of your hands to blot away oil. But remember: a little oil makes for a healthy glow in pictures!”

6. DON’T pop a pimple the day of

Seriously, it’ll just make it way worse! “If you have a full-on whitehead, pin a little pinprick right at the whitest part, and drain gently,” says esthetician and founder of BijaBody health+beauty, Melissa Picoli. “Then apply a layer of clay mask and let sit. Once you rinse, cover it up with some concealer and keep those hands off.” Otherwise, you’ll wind up looking like a hot mess!

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Southern Style: Bold, Bright Beach Attire in the Carolinas

Long Beach, NC

Happy Monday everyone! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know the reason I’ve been a little MIA lately is because I’ve been on vacation with my family. Every summer, we take a week long trip to my grandparent’s beach house in Oak Island, NC, where we basically chill out, eat a boat load of seafood and soak up the sun all day long. This year, I brought my boyfriend Kenny along and we decided to take two mini trips while we were there: one to Bald Head Island, NC (where my aunt and uncle have a house and where I’d love to get married some day) and the other to Charleston, SC, one of the last US cities on Kenny’s list to visit.

For the most part, the weather was amazing in the Carolinas, albeit extremely hot and humid. I don’t seem to mind the humidity much anymore though. It sort of reminds me of home now and gives me a great excuse to just let my hair do its own thing naturally. Hey, who really needs blow dryers and flat irons on vacay anyway? Not me!

As for what I wore, you’ll notice me rocking a whole lot of bold, bright beach attire: think colorful crop tops, floral kimonos, cutoff shorts, neon bikinis, polka dot rompers and more! Peep all the pics below :)

Decided to get my nails painted all different colors the day before the trip. Taste the rainbow!

Multicolored Nails

So happy to be at the beach. We laid out right in front of these houses almost every day.

Oak Island Beach Houses

Look, even my nephews love neon! How cute are these two in their camo board shorts? Anders throwing up the bunny ears on Austin

My Nephews

Carolina Blondes have more fun! Kenny ordered this beer at dinner in honor of me.


No one does shrimp better than the Yacht Basin Provision Company (a little seafood shack right on the water). Yummm! My favorite place to eat in Southport.

Yacht Basin Eatery

Our view from dinner. Such a beautiful sunset.

Southport Sunset

Frolicking on the beach in my Mikoh bikini and Bitching and Junkfood cutoff shorts. Life is good.

Mikoh Swimwear

Three generations of women: Me, my mom and my grandma after eating more seafood at the Frying Pan our second night <3

Family photo

Bacon wrapped scallops, crabcakes, blackened grouper, shrimp, coleslaw and green beans. Delicious.

Frying Pan Seafood

A little slice of Bald Head Island. Our view from lunch at Mojo’s on the harbor. 

Mojo's On The Harbor

Kenny’s tour guide for the day (I let him drive the golf cart though). Loving my fierce Wildfox Couture Tank with my Elizabeth & James Kendall Sunglasses and Wendy Studded Shorts.

Wilfox Tank & Cutoff Denim Shorts

Old Baldy Lighthouse. Can’t get enough of this view.

Bald Head

We made it to Charleston. Guess where we ate for lunch?

Hominy Grill Charleston

Hominy Grill! I order the “Big Nasty” Biscuit, of course.

Hominy Grill Big Nasty Biscuit

And Kenny went with the shrimp and grits. SO delicious.

Hominy Grill

Bought this adorable DV by Dolce Vita neon polka dot romper on sale at House of Sage in Charleston. Couldn’t wait to wear it out for drinks that night.

DV Dolce Vita Neon Romper

So obsessed with the bright color! All smiles here.

DV Dolce Vita Polka Dot Romper

Had to get a cute couple pic by the water. My romper’s glowing!

Charleston Waterfront

First stop for drinks: The Gin Joint! We decided to let the bartenders choose for us. I picked refreshing and fruit, while Kenny picked refreshing and strong. We both loved our drinks.

Gin Joint Menu

Mean muggin back on the beach in Oak Island. Sporting my new Nasty Gal Phase Out Tank and O’Neill Striped Bikini.

Crop Top & Striped Bikini

I could seriously live here…

Oak Island Beach

Peach Fuzzy Navels on my last day of vacay. #Necessary

Peach Fuzzy Navel

Kicking back drinks in my floral kimono and Mikoh bikini. Not wanting this trip to end.

Reverse Kimono & Mikoh Swimwear

Kenny’s getting down on some beer!

Long Beach, NC

 Naturally, we couldn’t pass up a romantic, “Let’s draw our names in the sand” moment. 

Heart drawn in the sand

 Going back, back, back to Cali, Cali…


20 Beauty Trends Every 20-Something Girl Rocked Back In The Day

Due to the overwhelming popularity of my last post (20 Fashion Trends Every 20-Something Girl Rocked Back In The Day), I thought it was only right to compose a follow up article detailing all the heinous beauty trends us 20-something girls were totally into in the late 90s and early 2000s. So without further adieu, here they are. Cringe, laugh and don’t forget to share the awesomeness. You know you were guilty of sporting at least half of these, if not more!

1. Crunchy Curls: Psh, who really needed a blow dryer when you could just scrunch your wet mane up with a ton of hair gel and go? Maybe you’d break out a diffuser if you were feeling extra stylish. If not, no biggie. You knew those curls would be dry and hard as a rock in no time flat.


image via 

2. Body Glitter: It was like, the one makeup must-have you absolutely couldn’t live without! You had it in a bajillion different colors from Claire’s and would legit smear it on any and everywhere: your chest, your stomach, your face, your arms, your legs…it didn’t really matter. Every body part was meant to be blinged!

Body Glitter

image via

3. Pastel Eyeshadow: Bright blue was obvs your go-to hue, and you made sure to smear that shiz ALL OVER your eyelids, similar to this:

Pastel Eyeshadow

image via

4. Crimped Hair: If you didn’t have a crimping iron that you busted out on the reg, you clearly didn’t know what was up in the beauty department in the 90s. Sometimes you’d crimp up your whole head and other times you’d be too lazy so you’d only do a few strands.

Crimped Hair

 image via

5. Playboy Tanning Stickers: Um, because how else were you supposed to know how tan you got before prom and homecoming and every other school dance!? #classy

Playboy Tanning Sticker

6. Stiff Prom Updos: Going through an entire can of hairspray to ensure your gorgeous twisted up ‘do didn’t budge was really nothing out of the ordinary when prepping for prom.

Stiff Prom Updos

image via

7. Henna Tattoos: I specifically remember getting a henna butterfly tramp stamp with my friend Meredith our freshman year of high school spring break. Yeah, we were cool.

Butterfly Henna Tattoo

image via

8. Bath And Body Works Sprays: The next best thing to perfume, you owned every scent under the sun and would spray the crap out of yourself before going anywhere, the movies included.

Bath And Body Works Sprays

9. Sleek, High Ponytails: They had to sit right on top of your head with absolutely no bumps at all! If there was even one bump, you’d have to take it down and start all over again. You always hung your head off the side of your bed to achieve this look.

Sleek High Ponytails

image via

10. Colorful Hair Wraps: No trip to the Bahamas was truly complete without coming back with a colorful hair wrap that eventually made your locks fall out. You didn’t care though. You were right on trend.

Hair Wraps

11. White Eyeliner: Paired with a frosty lip and some pastel shadow, white eyeliner was a no brainer. You couldn’t get enough of that stuff!

White Eyeliner

image via

12. Caked On Makeup: Let’s just say, the natural look wasn’t exactly in your vocabulary yet. My brother liked to refer to this trend as the “Makeup Shotgun,” which he swears some of my friends used.

Caked On Makeup

image via

13. Sun-In: Summer meant one thing and one thing only: time to stock up on Sun-In and turn your hair yellow!

Sun In

14. Lip Smackers Chapstick: From Dr. Pepper to Cotton Candy, you weren’t cool if you didn’t own an entire bookbag full of Lip Smackers Chapstick in middle school. That’s not to say you weren’t constantly testing out all your friends’ flavors though.

Lip Smackers Chapstick

15. French Manicure Tips: Fake nails were all the rage in high school. A french manicure was basically a prom prerequisite. And of course, your toenails had to match too.

French Manicure Tips

image via

16. The Topsy Tail: Whether you forced your mom to order it straight off the TV or not, every young girl had a Topsy Tail tool, perfect for creating stunning hairdos like this:

Topsy Tail

17. Hair Ribbons: You definitely didn’t have to be on the cheerleading squad to recognize the value of a pretty hair ribbon (or three) wrapped around your ponytail. So beautimus!

Hair Ribbons

image via

18. Foil Star Stickers For Your Face: Because blinging out your body with glitter clearly wasn’t enough. You had to add a gorgeous gold, silver, blue, green, or red star sticker right next to your eye to make a true style statement.

Foil Star Stickers

19. Baby Oil For Tanning: There was no need for expensive bottles of bronzing lotion when you could just slather baby oil all over your teenage body, meet up with your friends and bake outside in the sun. Hey, you’d do anything for a dark tan!

Baby oil tanning

image via

20. The Half Up/Half Down ‘Do: This was by far your favorite hairstyle in middle and high school. It was really ideal for any occasion, from fancy to casual.

Half Up Half Down Hair

image via

9 Things You Should Consider Wearing To The Club

What to wear to the club

Today I want to talk about a topic that’s very near and dear to my heart: club attire. You see, when I first moved to LA I used to be a clubbing machine! Then I met my boyfriend and retired all my skin tight dresses and booty shorts to the back of my closet, never to ever glimpse the dark of night again. But now that I’m hitting the club just like old times with my girl Nina this weekend, I decided I might as well drop some knowledge on all you ladies out there who are wondering, “What in the heck do I wear to the club, Liz!?” This is what, girls:

1. A Glow In The Dark Pop Molly Purse: Available in an array of club-friendly colors, such as “YOLO Yellow” and “Back It Up Black”, there’s no way your girl friends will have any trouble tracking you down on the dance floor when you’re literally lighting it up.

Pop Molly Purse

Glow in the Pop Purse, $95

2. Cynthia Rowley’s Flask Bangle: $15 for a cocktail at the club? Psh, who’s trying to pay that! Simply bring the pre-game with you in this classy flask bangle by Cynthia Rowley. Then sprint to the bathroom and drink up. Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, everyboddddy!


Flask Bangle, $365

3. A Bandage Skirt: A former club go-to of mine, bandage skirts are not only insanely sexy but ridiculously figure flattering as well. They’re kind of like chic Spanx (meaning that they suck you seriously in) and are perfect for camouflaging bloated bellies. I mean, why else do you think celebrities love ‘em so much? Just look how happy Kristin Cavallari is.

Pleasure Doing Business 4 Band Skirt

Pleasure Doing Business 4 Band Skirt in Black And White Small Stripes, $98

4. A Rain Jacket: You know, in case some douchebag makes it rain at da club, you’re totes prepared!

French Connection Techno Rain Bomber Jacket

French Connection Techno Rain Bomber Jacket, $100

5. Booty Shorts: A club is a place where a whole lot of twerking is bound to go down. Thus, to ensure your butt looks its best, don’t forget to pop, lock and drop it in a pair of black booty shorts.

American Apparel Riding Shorts

American Apparel Riding Shorts, $58

6. A Party Hat: As a general rule, it’s always best to let your fellow clubgoers know when the pawwwwty’s hereeeee (said in a drunk Snooki voice).

Picture 7

GLMR KILLS Party Hat, $30

7. Some Apple Bottom Jeans: While I’ve never actually bought any Apple Bottom Jeans myself (sorry, Nelly!), and frankly I don’t plan to, some cigarette skinnies ought to do the trick just fine. Remember to rock a crop top or shorter shirt with them though so as not to shield the derriere.

7 For All Mankind Coated Striped Cigarette Jeans

7 For All Mankind Coated Striped Cigarette Jeans, $139

8. And Boots With The Fur: No Apple Bottoms Jeans outfit is complete without some boots with the fur! “She hit the flo’, next thing you know shawty got low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low.”

Jeffrey Campbell Lita-Fur Bootie

Jeffrey Campbell Lita-Fur Bootie, $185

9. A Flashy Mini: The right mini dress can really make all the difference between getting into the club ASAP or having to wait in line forever. The flashier and sexier it is, the better!

One Teaspoon The Fifth Element Leather Dress

One Teaspoon The Fifth Element Leather Dress, $295

twerking image via

20 Fashion Trends Every 20-Something Girl Rocked Back In The Day

Today I’m taking a little trip down memory lane to pay homage to some of the hautest fashion trends of my teenage years. So sit back, relax and get ready to laugh out loud. If you’re a 20-something girl, well, let’s just say you can definitely relate!

1. Overalls: Oh no, no…not the cute kind you own now. More like the baggy, really unflattering, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in It Takes Two type overalls.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Overallsimage via

2. Abercrombie & Fitch Jean Skirts: Preferably with a frayed hem and ripped to shreds. The shorter the better, baby. Oh, and pockets hanging out were just an added plus. No big deal.

Abercrombie & Fitch Jean Skirts

3. Halter Tops! I’m sorry, but if you made it through middle school and/or high school without ever owning a spandex halter top or a skin tight one with some sort of sparkle on it, you might as well leave this blog now. We clearly wouldn’t have been besties.

Halter Tops

4. Tube Tops! You can’t really talk about awesome trends of the past without mentioning the barely-there tube top. It was truly a Spring Break essential, perfect for any occasion.

Tube Tops

5. Von Dutch Hats: Don’t lie, you know you sported one like a boss boy for a hot minute too…

Von Dutch Hats

6. Forever 21 Sundresses: No matter what you had going on, the Forever 21 sundress was always, always your go-to. In fact, you bought them in bulk, and then proceeded to trade them amongst all your girlfriends in college. How many Forever 21 dresses can you spot in this photo?

Forever 21 Sundresses

7. Lacy Spaghetti Strap Tops: Whether you were working on your layering skills or just glamming things up for a summer night out, the lacy spaghetti strap top was by far one of the most versatile pieces in your closet.

Lacy Spaghetti Strap Top

8. Gauchos: I’m not sure if these were ever really “trend,” but in my mind they soooo were. Um, #embarrassing


9. Boot Cut Jeans: Like most of your girls, you owned at least 10 nearly identical pairs from the same stores. But that was only because Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister weren’t shoving skinny jeans down your adolescent throats quite yet.

Boot Cut Jeans

10. Rainbows: Ah, every teenage girl’s favorite chic brown sandal that could literally be paired with any outfit (fancy or casual). See:


11. Collared T-Shirts: Granted, this particular photo was taken at a preppy themed college party, it’s not like any of us had to go shopping to dig up an old collared t-shirt from high school. Thanks Abercrombie!

Collared T-Shirts

12. Sports Bras As Tops: I mean, it’s not like you were trying to get attention or anything. This trend was strictly in the name of school spirit.

Sports bras as tops

13. Super Chic Hoop Earrings: From silver to gold and every crazy color in between, let’s be real, you pretty much had a pair of Claire’s hoops to go with every outfit.

Hoop Earrings

14. Puka Shell Necklaces: Honestly, you only really took these off for school dances or special occasions. And obviously stocked up on ‘em when you hit the beach.

Puka Shell Necklaces

15. Miniature Backpack Purses: So hot back then! I specifically remember owning a stunning Lilly Pulitzer one (see photo 13 for reference) and a gorgeous denim one, which I stored all my gel pen notes from friends in.

Clueless Backpack Purses

 image via

16. Belly Button Rings: Getting your belly button pierced in high school was like a rite of passage for popular chicks. If you used to don the long, dangly, bejeweled belly button chains, consider yourself awesome.

Dangly Belly Button Chains

image via

17. Butterfly Clips: Because nothing jazzes up a hairstyle better than a butt load of pastel butterfly clips, right?

Butterfly Clips

18. Skorts: Perfect on the playground or for a night out on the town, the skort was a mandatory staple in every cool pre-teen and teen girl’s closet.


image via

19. Bandana Halters: A little bit western and a lot a bit sexy, you could always count on the bandana halter to bring the boys to the yard on a Friday night. Ow owwww!

Bandana Halter Tops

image via

20. Birkenstock Clogs: What shoe did you reach for in the winter when it was finally too cold to rock your Rainbows? Birkenstock clogs, duhhh! Even Mary-Kate knew what was up.

Birkenstock Clogs

image via


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