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Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend and enjoyed some  quality time off with family and friends. Today, I have some pretty exciting news to share with you all. My recent post, 18 Fashion Tips I Wish I Had Known Before I was 18, was chosen to be featured in Independent Fashion Bloggers weekly link roundup! You can peep the story below, and be sure to check out some other great blogs that were also included. Feeling proud :)

Superficial on the Surface

Sometimes I get mad when people assume if you like fashion, you’re automatically dumb or superficial. Then at the same time, I love looking at pretty pictures and dressing up… it’s an escape and a passion all at the same time. Obsessing over fashion doesn’t mean however, there’s nothing going on in our brains! This week, we have a great mix of the tougher questions in fashion right along with the tips and tricks that enable our superficial exterior (that’s not so superficial…. or is it?)

Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup

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Hunger Games Hair: Copy The Braids From Catching Fire!

Hunger Games Catching Fire

If you swooned over all the badass braids in Hunger Games (I mean, who didn’t?), then brace yourself, because the second installment of the trilogy features even doper ‘dos. Yes, seriously! Thanks to the super talented stylists over at SalonCapri in Boston, Graziella Lembo and Latoya Hill, you can start getting into character way before Catching Fire hits theaters this November 22. Ah, Hunger Games hair has never looked hauter.


Hunger Games Hair Primrose Wrap Braid

Step 1: First, pick a side for your side part. Latoya recommends doing a deep side part for this style.

Step 2: Smooth and detangle your hair by combing through it with a fine-toothed comb in the direction your braid will go.

Step 3: At the end of your part, in the center of your head, take a small triangular section of hair and begin French braiding towards your face in a forward direction.

Hunger Games Hair Primrose Wrap Braid

Step 4: Follow your hairline, and once you get to the top of your ear, transition your braid to the opposite direction. You want the braid to fall right under the occipital bone.

Step 5: When the braid is diagonal from your part, begin to gather your hair to form the loose, detached braid and use an elastic to secure the end.

Hunger Games Hair Primrose Braid

Step 6: Step Relax your braid by gently pulling the weave apart with your fingers.

Step 7: If necessary, secure loose pieces of hair with bobby pins and seal with a coat of light hold hairspray. Latoya suggests Kerastase K Laque Couture finishing spray.


Hunger Games Hair Katniss' Braid

Graziella’s variation on Katness’ nine strand braid consists of a combination of a five strand braid and a four strand braid pinned beside each other for a more complex look.

Step 1: Start by taking one large section of hair on each side of your head, right above your ear, and braid using the four strand braid technique on one side and the five strand technique on the other. Tie off each end with a clear elastic or one similar to your own hair color.

Hunger Games Hair Katniss Braid

Step 2: Then, fold the braids up and over your head like a headband, securing each end behind the opposite ear with bobby pins.

Step 3: The remaining hair at the back of your head can be left loose or pulled into a messy bun for your desired look.

Hunger Games Hair Katniss Braid

Step 4: Because braids hold best on hair that has a bit of texture, Graziella advises washing your mane the day before for easier styling. If your hair is freshly washed and dried though, dust it with a light coat of Shu Uemura Volume Maker Invisible Texturizing Powder to add texture and help retain your hair’s natural shine.

Say Cheese! How To Take Better Instagram Pictures

I have a confession to make: sometimes I spend WAY too much time trying to perfect my Instagram pics! As a fashion blogger, images are everything. I’m always obsessing over every last detail in my photos, whether the angle is right or not and, of course, if I look skinny (hey, it’s a girl thing). Being that I’ve picked up a ton of tips in my career, from both experts and just experimenting with the camera myself, I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorites with you guys today. So here’s how to take better Instagram Pictures. #SayCheeeeese!

1. Angle your camera slightly down

Taking better Instagram photos

Whether you’re capturing a chic #selfie or simply posing for a pic, make sure the camera is angled slightly down (see example above). This creates an all-over slimming effect, whereas shooting from below can actually make you look larger.

2. Snap a pic during Golden Hour

Golden Hour

Dark and grainy Instagram pics aren’t going to get you many likes. For the most flattering lighting, step outside and snap away. Word on the web is that the best time of day to shoot a photo is at sunset, AKA the last hour of daylight. In the photography world, this is known as the Golden Hour.

3. Put your hand up on your hip

Fashionable Instagram photos

It’s the go-to celebrity pose for a clear reason: “It never fails to make a woman look slim, sexy and beautiful,” says Chris Schoenbohm, professional photographer and co-founder of Viewfinder, a rad new app that helps you organize your camera roll and share pics with select groups of peeps. To achieve the three quarter angle stance (as it’s called), have your subject extend one leg out in front, pivoting, and planting the corresponding hand on the hip. “The result is a long, attractive, diagonal line that draws the viewers eyes across the subject and shouts confidence.”

4. Choose a simple background

Fashionable Instagram Photos

Rocking a busy outfit? Pair it with a plain background if possible in order to let your ensemble really shine. There’s no need to distract your followers with a dirty laundry or photobombers in the background, duh.

5. Shoot your shoes at eye level

Taking Better Instagram Pics

As silly as it might look, get down on your hands and knees so that you’re up close and eye level with the shoes your photographing. Press the little focus button in the middle on your iPhone camera, wait a sec and then click away. Have your subject stand sideways to snap the very best view of the shoes. Or just force your friends/boyfriend to follow these tips whenever you need a chic shoe insta.

6. Wear something wild

Taking chic Instagram pics

From your captions to your outfits, no one likes a boring instagrammer. So yes please, do liven things up! Layer on the accessories, play around with contrasting colors and mix and match pretty prints and patterns. Do your best to stand out from the crowd, while still staying true to your own style.

7. Put on some lipstick

Fashionable Instagram Pictures

And do your hair! You’ll be amazed at what a little makeup and a gorgeous curls can do to amp up the wow-factor of your entire photo.

8. Use a real camera

Chic Instagram Photos

Sure, it’s technically cheating, but in the name of great fashion photos, why not? Just send yourself those pics, and then post them on Instagram. All bloggers have done it, trust me.

18 Fashion Tips I Wish I Had Known Before I was 18


A few months ago, I wrote an article for Latest-Hairstyles detailing 18 hair tips I wish I had known before I was 18. To my surprise, the post quickly went viral, garnering over 20,000 pins and shares, which got me thinking: why not write something similar but about fashion? While I was voted “Most Fashionable” my senior year of high school, there’s still SO much I’ve learned about my personal style since then. No matter what age you are, every woman can appreciate these fashion tips.

1. Quit trying to one-up your friends

Everyone’s so damn concerned with rocking the coolest clothes in high school. Fashion shouldn’t be a competition though. It should be a reflection of who you are, not how much money you (or your parents) have.

2. Accessories are everything

Sure, I rocked the occasional chocker necklace and trucker hat in high school. I was never huge on accessories, however. Now, I’ve learned that a great statement necklace or an armload of funky bangles can truly make an old outfit look brand new.

3. But confidence is by far your best accessory


image via

Remember that hottie in high school that wasn’t actually that hot he just had a whole lot of swag? Style is the exact same way. Confidence is — and always will be — your best accessory. Never forget that.

4. Size is but a number

From too tight pants to ill-fitting tops, so many women are so concerned with the number on that tag that they refuse to go up a size even when it would so much look better. Personally, I’d rather rock a size 6 than a size 4 if the 4 gives me a muffin top, but that’s just me…

5. Stop following trends

I don’t know about you, but at my high school, everyone was like a total clone of each other. We all had the same stuff from Abercrombie and Hollister, whether it worked for our particular body types or not. It’s okay to try out new trends. Don’t feel like you have to wear something just because it’s the “cool” thing to do.

6. Dare to be different


image via

Take a tip or two from the goth kids you went to school with. You think they gave a crap about what other people thought? Not a chance, lady.

7. Quality over quantity ALWAYS

While I love a good cheapo purchase now and then, I’ve learned to stock my closet with quality pieces that I can wear for years to come. Believe it or not, this will actually help save you money in the long run (i.e., your clothes won’t fade or fall apart after you wash them once!).

8. Shop around for the best deals

When I wasn’t purchasing my own clothes (thanks mom and dad!), I never paid attention to deals at all. Now, before I buy anything, I always browse the Internet first to see if an online retailer is having a sale, simply offers free shipping or has what I want at a better price point.

9. Stop being such a label whore

Betty Halbreich quote

image via

“Subtlety is much classier.” Love this quote from personal shopper Betty Halbreich.

10. Invest in the basics

Stop throwing your money away on trendy items that will go out of style in a few months. Invest in the basics instead, like a great white tee or the perfect pair of trousers. You’ll thank me later, trust.

11. Don’t take yourself too seriously

Fashion is all about having fun. So mismatch, play around with prints and patterns, wear something that’s completely and utterly out of the box even if you’re a little scared to. The only thing you’ll end up regretting is the style risks you didn’t take.

12. Rules were meant to be broken

White after Labor Day

image via

Quit stressing over whether or not you can wear white after Labor Day or pair silver jewelry with gold. Pave your own style path and create your own fashion rules. And just say eff it to the rest.

13. Choose your graphic tees wisely

Do you really need to let dudes know how desperate or vulgar you are via your outfit? Me thinks not (and your mother totes agrees too!).

14. Wear it again

I promise you, no one is going to realize or give two shits that you wore that dress to a party two months back. You paid good money for it, so yes, wear it again…and again…and again! Style it a different way the next time if pictures are involved.

15. Ugly is subjective

Cara-Delevingne_funny_faceimage via 

The late Alexander McQueen said it best: “I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.” Wear what inspires you, not what others say you should aspire to.

16. Appreciate what you do have

I can’t tell you how many times I used to complain (and okay, guilty, still do) about how I have nothing to wear in my closet. There are kids who legitimately have nothing to wear besides the dirty, tattered clothes on their backs right now. Be appreciative people. Just be appreciative.

17. Dress for comfort

Despite how haute those high heels looked on the rack, if you can’t walk in them, you won’t look hot at all. Comfort is key, ladies.

18. Your clothes don’t define you

Mean Girls

Remember: a pretty bag may catch the eye, but a pretty personality captures the heart. Your clothes give others a general impression of who you are; it’s what’s on the inside that truly counts though.

Fashion Inspiration: “Orange Is The New Black”

Orange Is The New Black

We finally took the plunge last night and got Netflix, y’all! And what can I say, after watching only two episodes, I’m already officially addicted to “Orange Is The New Black”. It’s freaking hilarious. I’d heard a ton of rave reviews from friends so I knew I wanted to check it out. Holy crap though, I never guessed I’d become this hooked so fast. Seriously, best show ever! Kenny actually really liked it too, which I’m super stoked about.

You’re probably thinking, “Well yeah, duh, that show’s great and all Liz, but why in the world are you trying to write a fashion post inspired by prison uniforms? That’s so not hot.” You’re right; it’s absolutely heinous, and I’d personally never recommend rocking an orange jumpsuit (unless it’s a neon romper like this one, in which case it’s totally fine). However, today is a special case because we’re strictly talking color.

Now, poor orange gets an awful rep, being that it’s associated with Halloween, prison, the tanning mom and Lindsay Lohan. Eek, so not fair!. I’m here to prove that when worn the right way though, it can be super cute. Just look:

ASOS Maxi Skirt in orange

ASOS Maxi Skirt, $30

La Mer Bali Studs Watch

La Mer Bali Studs Watch, $139

Free People Neon Mesh One Piece

Free People Neon Mesh One Piece, $50 (marked down from $250)

Solstice Crop Knit Top

Solstice Crop Knit, $58


Jeffrey Campbell Cult Ankle Boot, $100

image via

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