Skype Style: How to Look Your Best on Video Chat

Look good on video chat

I may be a seasoned pro when it comes to snapping flattering Instagram pics, but Prescriptives’ Beauty Genius Erica Bishop, who video chats with women every day to fit them with Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation and Powder, seriously knows what’s up in the Skype style department. So whether you have a virtual job interview coming up or a steamy FaceTime sesh planned with your man, check out her seven tips to learn how to look your best on video chat. Because yeah, let’s face it, we all do care!

1. Smile big.

Bigger than you think you should!

2. Find your best angle.

Play around with the angle of your camera to see what looks best, but always have it at or above eye level. If your camera can’t tilt on its own, then adjust how you’re sitting or use props. Don’t be afraid to get creative, they won’t show up on camera!

3. Connect with the camera.

You can only make “eye contact” with the person on the other end if you’re looking straight into the camera, so try to engage directly with the camera for the majority of your chat, glancing at your own computer screen sparingly. The person on the other end will appreciate it.

4. Create great lighting. 

For the most flattering lighting, you should be lit from the front, more so than from any other angle. Ideally, your light source will be directly behind the camera. To brighten up your face, set a sheet of white paper on the table below you to reflect light onto your face.

5. Wear some element of white.

It balances and neutralizes the computer screen coloring. Avoid red however, as it’s the hardest color for video to replicate. Also, steer clear of patterns.

6. Do away with distractions.

Keep your background clean with minimal distractions and no moving objects (i.e. a busy street or television).

7. Speak up.

Can’t touch-type and need to take notes? Avoid awkwardness by telling the person you’re chatting with that you’ll be looking down to take notes (so he or she won’t think you’re distracted or disinterested).

A Southern Style Beach Bachelorette Party in Charleston, SC

Isle of Palms Beach House

I’ve officially decided that bachelorette parties are my new favorite thing! One of my best friends from high school (Katie) is getting married in May, but wanted to do a fun summery trip with all of her girls before her big day. So instead of Vegas, she opted to have her bachelorette party the week after Labor Day in Isle of Palms beach, right outside of Charleston, SC. Yep, there were 18 ladies in one house! Can you believe it?

Funny thing is, a lot of us girls had been to Panama City for spring break our sophomore year of college together, so in a way it was like one big reunion trip. I was able to see all of my BFFs from high school and actually catch up and spend quality time with everyone. It’s so hard to find a great, tight-knit group of girls you genuinely love hanging out with once school is over and you move to a new city. Needless to say, we had a blast celebrating Katie’s new status. And other than the one night we actually got dolled up and went into Charleston to party, we basically lived in our bathing suits the entire time. Clearly, I’m not one of those fashion bloggers who feels the need to put on a front that I’m uber chic 24/7. Because no, I definitely don’t do my hair and makeup for the beach or pool. #sorryimnotsorry ;)

Let the games begin!!! The bride-to-be dancing with wine in hand on our first day.

Isle De Palms Bachelorette Party

The best darn prom pool pose I’ve ever seen.

Charleston Bachelorette Party

Floating with two of my faves: Liv and Andria.

Isle of Palms pool

High school besties reunited! Junior Mint group shot. From left to right: Lindsey, Me, Andria, Katie, Olivia, Haley and Carin.

Charleston Bachelorette Party

All the Appalachian State girls with the bride-to-be. From left to right: Melissa, Lindsay, Sarah Beth, Katie, Holly, Katie

Charleston Bachelorette Party

It’s pawwwwwty bus time! That poor driver definitely didn’t know what to do with this many rowdy ladies.

Charleston Bachelorette Party Group Photo

Curly hair don’t care! Clearly no night out is complete without a good selfie.

Bachelorette Party

All smiles during dinner at The Blind Tiger in downtown Charleston.

Blind Tiger

After running into about the 10th bride-to-be that night, let’s just say Katie was less than pleased. Who knew Charleston was such a hot spot for bachelorette parties!?

Charleston Bachelorette Parties

You can’t put a late night candy store next to a bar and expect us NOT to go in there…

Charleston Candy Store

My good friend and insanely talented hairstylist, Miss Stefanie Fisher, gave me a waterfront haircut! Loving the layers and angles she added.

Blonde Hair

Charleston is known for having some of the best seafood. Big thanks to my girl Haley for cooking up such a scrumptious homemade meal, also known as a “Low Country Shrimp Boil.” Mmmm, mmm. Delicious.

Low Country Shrimp Boil

Had to get a group shot before chowing down.

Isle De Palms Beach House

Missing these ladies so much already! May couldn’t come sooner…

Isle of Palms House

The Top 10 Reasons You Should Wear Sequins

High waisted shorts and crop top

The Neon Blonde

Nasty Gal Crop Top

Sequin Shorts

Crop top with sequin shorts

Nasty Gal Collection Crop Top

Sunday Somewhere sunglasses

Heirlume Jewelry

Sam Edelman leopard print booties

Nasty Gal Phase Out Tank, $65.00 $19.50; BCBGeneration Sequin Shorts, $88.00 $21.11 (similar to pictured); Sam Edelman Leopard Print Booties; Sunday Somewhere Soelae Sunglasses, $265.00; Rings available at Heirlume

I just found these navy blue sequin shorts tucked away at the back of my closet the other day and got super excited and inspired. I love sequins almost as much as I love neon! That’s why I simply couldn’t resist putting together this fun list of the top 10 reasons you too should wear sequins. Some are meant to be taken seriously, others not so much. I’ll let you be the judge…

1. Because they make everything look fancier, especially a pair of elastic band shorts. Did I mention I’m like, really into comfort too?

2. All of your girl friends are starting to get engaged, which, let’s be real, means at least a third of them (if not more) will be having their bachelorette parties in Vegas. And what else do you wear in Vegas besides sequins???? Um, nothing. Absolutely nothing.

3. Because a little bling bling never hurt anyone. I mean honestly, it didn’t…

4. You’re desperately hoping someone super important snaps a street style photo of you and your career suddenly takes off. Fellow fashion bloggers, listen up: if there’s one way to catch a photographer’s eye, it’s with sequins. Trust me, always with sequins.

5. You have a holiday party to attend. What are you waiting for girl? Just throw on some sequins! Everyone will automatically think you’re super festive even if you’re a total grinch, guaranteed.

6. It’s your birthday! And as we all know, the birthday betch is basically given a free pass to sport the shortest, sparkliest, sexiest dress she can possibly find.

7. Your outfit is boring. Oh no! What will spice it up? A sequin accessory or two, me thinks.

8. You like compliments. People always want to give people wearing sequins compliments. It’s like a known fact or something.

9. It’s New Years Eve, yay! The only time of year (other than Halloween) when it’s perfectly acceptable to dress up like a disco ball. Not that you should, but yeah.

10. You want to make your ex jealous. A skin-tight sequin mini dress will do the trick every single freaking time. No questions asked.

The Neon Blonde Has Been Featured For The Second Week In A Row!


The Neon Blonde has been featured again! For the second week in a row I was chosen by Independent Fashion Bloggers as one of twenty posts included in their Links a la Mode weekly link roundup (look, they even used my picture!). I couldn’t be more stoked to share this exciting news with you all and want to take a quick moment now to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has continued to support my blog, whether it be by sharing, commenting or liking my posts on Facebook, along the way. It means more to me than many of you will ever know, and I honestly couldn’t do what I love without you. So thanks again!!!

On another note, if you didn’t catch my tips on how to take better Instagram pics the first time around, be sure to check it out here, as well as peep all the other fabulous articles included in this week’s roundup below.

What is Fashion Blogging anyway?

Are we supposed to want to go to fashion week? It’s in our blood to want to know the latest and greatest fashion trends. Do we muse about high fashion or stay grounded in everyday style? Fashion blogging covers a vast array of topics all relating to that essential need to get dressed. Whether you’re in the trenches at fashion week, following from home, or couldn’t care less, we’re all still fashion bloggers to the core. Anyway… We had a GREAT round of submissions this week. Hey, summer’s over, today’s the first official day of ‘Fashion Month’ so we’re all back to work. Fall fashion starts to hit the streets and our computer screens, so it’s all exciting stuff!

Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup

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How To Wear Neon Without Looking Totally Obnoxious

How to wear neon

Elizabeth & James sunglasses

How to rock neon

Kirra Cutoff Shorts & Heirlume Rings

Modcloth Skull Spirit Cardigan

Straight Arrows Collar Necklace

Neon crop top

American Apparel Neon Crop Tank

How to wear neon

Justfab Hunter Boots

Modcloth Skull Spirit Cardigan, $60; American Apparel Loose Crop Tank in Neon Yellow, $22; Kirra Cutoff Shorts, $58; JustFab Hunter Boots, $32; Elizabeth and James Kendall Fashion Sunglasses, $185; Straight Arrows Collar Necklace, $40 $12; Rings coming soon to Heirlume

Some girls only wear black. Others prefer muted shades. Me? I’m all about those brights, baby! As if the name of my blog didn’t give it away, I have a slight obsession with neon shades. I’ve always been drawn to bold, electric colors because — to me — they simply signify happiness. I mean, come on, when’s the last time you spotted a chick rocking all neon and thought she was depressed? Um, never.

Unlike darker hues however, you can’t exactly layer on loads of neon and expect to wind up on the pages of a street style blog. You have to balance out a bit of that brightness so you don’t overwhelm the eyes with too much color. With that said, here are five fab tips to teach you how to wear neon like a total pro.

1. Go bold with black and white

How to rock neon

Instead of overdosing on neon shades, for a look that seriously pops, try styling your brights with black and white. Just do a once over in the mirror or have a friend weigh in on your outfit. Sometimes the dramatic contrast these colors can create together is a little too 80s rave party, if you know what we mean…

2. Pair neon with soft neutrals

Striped cardigan with striped crop top

A no-fail way to wear neon is by pairing it with soft neutrals. Think light greys paired with electric blues, pale peaches paired with fluorescent oranges and muted beiges paired with eye-popping pinks. You’ll still stand out, maybe just not as loud.

3. Punch up your look with a bright bag


If neon clothes aren’t exactly your thing, you can still channel the trend with a bright bag. Personally, I’ve always been a huge fan of the Cambridge Satchel, which you can buy here in four fabulously fluorescent colors.

4. Experiment with neon hair chalk

DIY Hair Chalk

For a temporary shock of color, why not brighten up your tips with neon hair chalk? You can check out my quick and easy 5-step tutorial here. Plus, if you hate it, remember: it washes right out.

5. Do an eye-popping mani

Multicolored Nails

Fall is right around the corner, but in my book, you can rock a neon mani all year long. For autumn, I’m really loving bold blue and turquoise nails. Neither color is super summery, and both look great next to navies, burgundies and beiges. Or, you can always taste the rainbow too!

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