My New Fashion Must-Have: A Military-Inspired Sequin Sleeve Jacket

Military Sequin Jacket 5




Happy Friday everyone! Sometimes I wish the mere mention of the phrase, “TGIF” still made me want to jump in the air and pound a cocktail like it once did, but alas, when you work as a freelance writer, the work kind of never stops (yes people, even on the weekend).

Fortunately for me however, since my job does allow me the flexibility of concocting articles from practically anywhere, I was able to take a week long “vacay” to visit one of my BFF’s, Nina, in London earlier this month. That’s precisely where I found this badass military-inspired sequin jacket.

It was love at first sight, for both of us actually. We had been perusing the vintage clothing and bargain fashion finds at Spitalfields Traders Market on the east side (AKA hipster side) of London for a couple hours without much luck at all. Then this sparkly number came along and stole our hearts. Funnily enough, we had just been drooling over a similar sequin jacket, except way more expensive, worn by one of the girls on “Made In Chelsea” the night before. “Made In Chelsea” is London’s version of “The Hills,” BTW. So yeah, it was totes meant to be.

In these photos styles upon my return to LA, I really dig how the neon yellow stripes on my tank top contrast perfectly with the green khaki color and gold sequins of the jacket. This baby is such a versatile piece though; I can’t wait to pair it with everything!

TGIF ;) Liz

Military Sequin Sleeve Jacket, $48; H&M Striped Tank; Vintage Cutoffs; Pour La Victoire Booties

A Very Music Festival Friendly Outfit

Ugh, I had a mini emotional breakdown this morning because my laptop was going superrrr slow (once again), which really doesn’t help when you’re a perfectionist who procrastinates already because it takes you forever to do things “just right.” Ohhh, the horror. Luckily, my boyfriend was there to talk some sense into me and make me realize that I probably do need to invest in a new one if only for the sake of my sanity. Sooo I guess that’s what I’ll be shopping for this weekend instead of clothes. Totally less glam, I know, but also very, very necessary if I hope to rise to blogging stardom someday.

Enough about my emo girl problems though. Let’s talk fashion.

Today’s outfit is one I actually wore to the beach a few weeks back, sans the platform sandals and all the accessories. That would just be tacky so let’s call this look “music festival-friendly.”

Clearly I love turquoise, and I have a soft spot for cutouts, so this Mikoh swimwear top my mom bought me for my b-day is my new fave. She says she “has such good taste in picking swimwear for me.” I say, “she got it from her mama!” Duhhh.

As for the studded floral kimono, I’m obsessssed with it and so happy I snagged it from Nasty Gal a couple months back. It pairs perfectly with my bikini top and turquoise and gold jewelry. The MinkPink high-waisted cutoffs are, of course, a no brainer.

Tell me: where would you wear this outfit to??

xox Liz

Reverse Desert Bloom Kimono from Nasty Gal, $58; Mikoh Swimwear Monaco Bandeau Cutout Bikini Top in Ikat Print$100 $70; MinkPink Slasher Flick Cutoff Shorts, $78; Fiebiger Platform Sandals; Erica Sara Designs Love Note Necklace, $88; Anthropologie statement necklace, Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch; Assorted bangles

My First Real Outfit Post

I’ve been contemplating starting my blog back for a while now; I just wasn’t sure what I wanted it to look like or what exactly I would write about so the perfectionist in me put off doing it for weeks (okay, maybe longer, but who’s really counting?). Anyway, I’m here now, which is the important thing, sporting high heels at 3 PM, feeling like a total weirdo because my neighbor just caught me posing in the middle of our driveway. Oops! Awkwardddd.

I immediately told her I was a writer and that I’m trying to start my own fashion blog. This made me feel way more legit and less like an aspiring model who hasn’t figured out that she’s about four inches too short (and 20 pounds too shy) of ever strutting down a catwalk. Eek.

Good news: my neighbor can’t wait to see my blog, woohoo!

The truth is though, other than writing about what I know and love (fashion and beauty), I don’t really have a plan. Because if I did, I’d just spend forever trying to perfect it, and ain’t nobody got time for that, especially not me.

So enjoy my first outfit post. I can’t promise my poses will get any better with time, although I’ll try.

Until next time,

JustFab Naples Pumps in Mint, $39.95; American Apparel Micro-Polly, High-Waist Pleated Pants in Golden Poppy, $78; Purse by Melie Bianco; Sweater by QED London (from LF)

Buns Of Steel: How To Create A Braided Top Knot

braided top knot, braided bun

I’ve been rocking the top knot like it’s my job lately (probably because it’s one of the only hairstyles I can actually wear after not washing my mane for a few days, but hey, who’s really counting?). Top knots are cool, at least in my book they are. This past weekend I even decided to twist things up a little and add a badass braid to my bun. You know you want to steal the style, so here’s how to create a boho braided top knot:

Step 1: Whatever you do, don’t wash your hair prior to creating this look. The dirtier it is, the better.

Step 2: Can’t follow simple instructions? That’s okay. Just pull your hair back into a high ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Then, go ahead and spray the shit out of your pony with a texturizing spray or hairspray. This will give it that “dirty, sexy” feel not washing it for days does.

Step 3: Separate your ponytail into 3 even sections and braid. If you want, tie off the end of your braid with a clear elastic tie, but this isn’t necessary.

Step 4: Holding the end of your braid, twist it into a high bun on the top of your head and secure with several bobby pins.

Step 5: Add another spritz of hairspray, and you’re good to go!

Nail Tale: Paintin’ Ain’t Easy

Whoever said painting your nails was easy was clearly on crack, because SHIT is hard! I’ve been working on my skills a lot lately, and I still feel like I have to go through half a bottle of polish remover every time just to make them look presentable. So when you look at this photo, please remember that at least 30 minutes of sweat, blood and tears (and a shit ton of polish remover) went into creating my final look. Then, I just stuck my hand in a bush of flowers because I needed a pretty background. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do…

Polish & Co. Sweet Caroline, $12.00

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