One-Piece Swimsuits You Don’t Need But Should Probs Buy Anyway

Free People Crochet One-Piece

TGIF, y’all! Personally, I’ve always been a bikini kind of girl. Except this one time in middle school when I was real keen on this awful green tankini and wore it around like, 24/7 for a solid summer. EW. Thankfully those days are over.

Now, it seems I’ve caught one-piece fever!┬áNot gonna lie, I’ve been contemplating buying a cute cutout one-piece swimsuit for a couple of years now but have just been too chicken to actually take the plunge and do it already. I meannnn, can you imagine those tan lines!? Would it make me look super chubs!?

These are all fabulous questions to be determined. The fact of the matter is though, I creepily stare at every chick who shows up at a pool party rocking a onesy (I swear I’m not weird, y’all). So screw the tan lines and my insecurities, because dangit, I’m buying myself a one-piece swimsuit this summer.

Here are a few options I’m considering. Which one’s your favorite?

Sometimes I like to pretend I’m a dinosaur. Namely, T-Rex.

T-Rex One-Piece Swimsuit

Beach Riot T-Rex Swimsuit, $104

It’s no T-Rex, but this panther suit is just as fierce. Plus, I can get wild and wear it as a body suit too.

Bambam Panther Swimsuit

Bambam Panther Swimsuit, $88

Let’s be real, any neon monokini is a friend of mine. Crochet all day!

Free People Neon Crochet Monokini

Lisa Maree Free People Crochet Monokini in Neon Orange, $148

There’s nothing like a lil fringe to accent your cleavage. Need this!

L Space Stardust Fringe One-Piece

L*Space Stardust Fringe One-Piece, $106

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