Hunger Games Hair: Copy The Braids From Catching Fire!

Hunger Games Catching Fire

If you swooned over all the badass braids in Hunger Games (I mean, who didn’t?), then brace yourself, because the second installment of the trilogy features even doper ‘dos. Yes, seriously! Thanks to the super talented stylists over at SalonCapri in Boston, Graziella Lembo and Latoya Hill, you can start getting into character way before Catching Fire hits theaters this November 22. Ah, Hunger Games hair has never looked hauter.


Hunger Games Hair Primrose Wrap Braid

Step 1: First, pick a side for your side part. Latoya recommends doing a deep side part for this style.

Step 2: Smooth and detangle your hair by combing through it with a fine-toothed comb in the direction your braid will go.

Step 3: At the end of your part, in the center of your head, take a small triangular section of hair and begin French braiding towards your face in a forward direction.

Hunger Games Hair Primrose Wrap Braid

Step 4: Follow your hairline, and once you get to the top of your ear, transition your braid to the opposite direction. You want the braid to fall right under the occipital bone.

Step 5: When the braid is diagonal from your part, begin to gather your hair to form the loose, detached braid and use an elastic to secure the end.

Hunger Games Hair Primrose Braid

Step 6: Step Relax your braid by gently pulling the weave apart with your fingers.

Step 7: If necessary, secure loose pieces of hair with bobby pins and seal with a coat of light hold hairspray. Latoya suggests Kerastase K Laque Couture finishing spray.


Hunger Games Hair Katniss' Braid

Graziella’s variation on Katness’ nine strand braid consists of a combination of a five strand braid and a four strand braid pinned beside each other for a more complex look.

Step 1: Start by taking one large section of hair on each side of your head, right above your ear, and braid using the four strand braid technique on one side and the five strand technique on the other. Tie off each end with a clear elastic or one similar to your own hair color.

Hunger Games Hair Katniss Braid

Step 2: Then, fold the braids up and over your head like a headband, securing each end behind the opposite ear with bobby pins.

Step 3: The remaining hair at the back of your head can be left loose or pulled into a messy bun for your desired look.

Hunger Games Hair Katniss Braid

Step 4: Because braids hold best on hair that has a bit of texture, Graziella advises washing your mane the day before for easier styling. If your hair is freshly washed and dried though, dust it with a light coat of Shu Uemura Volume Maker Invisible Texturizing Powder to add texture and help retain your hair’s natural shine.

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