How To Wear Neon Without Looking Totally Obnoxious

How to wear neon

Elizabeth & James sunglasses

How to rock neon

Kirra Cutoff Shorts & Heirlume Rings

Modcloth Skull Spirit Cardigan

Straight Arrows Collar Necklace

Neon crop top

American Apparel Neon Crop Tank

How to wear neon

Justfab Hunter Boots

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Some girls only wear black. Others prefer muted shades. Me? I’m all about those brights, baby! As if the name of my blog didn’t give it away, I have a slight obsession with neon shades. I’ve always been drawn to bold, electric colors because — to me — they simply signify happiness. I mean, come on, when’s the last time you spotted a chick rocking all neon and thought she was depressed? Um, never.

Unlike darker hues however, you can’t exactly layer on loads of neon and expect to wind up on the pages of a street style blog. You have to balance out a bit of that brightness so you don’t overwhelm the eyes with too much color. With that said, here are five fab tips to teach you how to wear neon like a total pro.

1. Go bold with black and white

How to rock neon

Instead of overdosing on neon shades, for a look that seriously pops, try styling your brights with black and white. Just do a once over in the mirror or have a friend weigh in on your outfit. Sometimes the dramatic contrast these colors can create together is a little too 80s rave party, if you know what we mean…

2. Pair neon with soft neutrals

Striped cardigan with striped crop top

A no-fail way to wear neon is by pairing it with soft neutrals. Think light greys paired with electric blues, pale peaches paired with fluorescent oranges and muted beiges paired with eye-popping pinks. You’ll still stand out, maybe just not as loud.

3. Punch up your look with a bright bag


If neon clothes aren’t exactly your thing, you can still channel the trend with a bright bag. Personally, I’ve always been a huge fan of the Cambridge Satchel, which you can buy here in four fabulously fluorescent colors.

4. Experiment with neon hair chalk

DIY Hair Chalk

For a temporary shock of color, why not brighten up your tips with neon hair chalk? You can check out my quick and easy 5-step tutorial here. Plus, if you hate it, remember: it washes right out.

5. Do an eye-popping mani

Multicolored Nails

Fall is right around the corner, but in my book, you can rock a neon mani all year long. For autumn, I’m really loving bold blue and turquoise nails. Neither color is super summery, and both look great next to navies, burgundies and beiges. Or, you can always taste the rainbow too!

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