Hair Chalk: How to DIY In 5 Easy Steps

DIY Hair Chalk

Holy amazeballs, I love hair chalk! I once contemplated adding a real shock of color to my mane when I was in high school and then again a couple of months ago, but both times I totally chickened out because I thought I would just look ridiculous. However, in the meantime, I DID discover the awesomeness that is hair chalk. It’s the perfect crazy color solution for ladies like me who aren’t brave enough to actually take the plunge and dye their tips neon, but want to do something at least a little bit out of the box with their hair. I’ve put together a quick step-by-step tutorial to help you chalk it up as much as you want at home. So follow along; I swear, it’s not as hard as it looks.

Step 1: Buy some hair chalk in your color of choice. I’m a blondie so neon pink shows up great on my tips. Pick whatever shade personally speaks to you though!

Kevin Murphy Color Bug Hair Chalk


Kevin Murphy Color Bug Hair Chalk, $15 – $22

Step 2: Drape a towel you really don’t care about getting messy around your shoulders, and put one on your bathroom counter. If you have darker hair, you should grab a spray bottle filled with water at this time.

Step 3: Before applying your chalk, darker haired girls should prep each strand they plan on coloring with a spritz of water. This will ensure that the hair soaks up the chalk pigment and actually shows up. Blondes should NOT use water. Hair should be kept completely dry, otherwise, the chalk will stain your mane and take several washes to get out.

Step 4: Now, to the fun part! Grab your chalk and a small section of hair. Twist the hair, and then rub on your chalk. The more you rub, the brighter your color will be. You can even try doing several different colors on the same strand or alternating as you go. WARNING: things will get messy (that’s what the towels are there for).

Step 5: Clean up your spot, throw on a top you don’t mind potentially getting some color on and you’re ready to roll, sista!

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