DIY Home Decor: Wall Sticker Stairs


Isn’t Pinterest awesome? That’s where I first got the idea to wall sticker our stairs. To my frustration, when I searched for tutorials on exactly how to do it though (I’m a big rule follower), there weren’t really any out there, just a lot of great pictures. Our stairs were in need of a major makeover (as you can see), so I figured, what the heck? Might as well create one myself. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add some pizzazz to your home without spending a ton of dough, I suggest you wall sticker it up. Seriously, it’s not hard. Here’s my simple how-to.


What You’ll Need:

  • Jonathan Adler WallPop Stripes (6.5″ x 12′ long) *NOTE* To make sure you order enough, measure the length of one stair, then multiply that number by the total number of stairs you have to cover. For example, I have 14 stairs that measure 3.5 feet long each. 14 x 3.5 = 49. Thus, to cover all of my stairs, I ordered five (12 x 5 = 60 feet) Stripe WallPops. Four would have left me a foot short and with no room for mistakes. You want to have a little extra to work with in case.  
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape or a ruler



Step 1: Measure the length and width of each stair with a ruler or measuring tape. Try to be as exact as possible.

Step 2: Now, using these measurements, cut out strips of wall stickers to fit. In my case, I needed to cut out 14. After you do the first one, place it on the bottom stair (don’t peel off the back yet) to ensure the length and width are correct. If not, you can adjust accordingly.


Step 3: Once you’re positive you’ve got the right fit, you can start putting them on. Slowly peel the sticker off and smooth out any wrinkles and bumps as you peel.

Step 4: Do the same thing for each stair, taking care that they’re positioned straight.

Step 5: Reposition as necessary, and voila, you’re all done!


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