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My Love Affair With Alexander Wang

My deep love affair with Alexander Wang began a little over four years ago. I was in my last year of college at NYU and working as an intern/slave three days a week at one of the most powerful fashion PR agencies in the city, Bismarck Phillips. We repped dream clients like Preen, Erin Fetherston […]

Style Spotlight: Little Fashionistas With Big Swagger

Anyone who really knows me knows that I’m slightly obsessed with kids. Okay, more than slightly; I love me some little nugs, what can I say?! I informed my boyfriend the other day that when we pop out a baby girl I’m totally going to dress her up and feature outfit posts of her on […]

4 Surprisingly Chic Things To Wear On A Fat Day

Having one of those depressing, god awful days where you feel exactly like Shamu would (AKA HUGE) trying to squeeze into a pair of skinnies? Psh, join the club, sister! This is typically me during “that time of month” or the morning after a night of hardcore boozing and binge eating really weird sh*t, which […]

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