20 Beauty Trends Every 20-Something Girl Rocked Back In The Day

Due to the overwhelming popularity of my last post (20 Fashion Trends Every 20-Something Girl Rocked Back In The Day), I thought it was only right to compose a follow up article detailing all the heinous beauty trends us 20-something girls were totally into in the late 90s and early 2000s. So without further adieu, here they are. Cringe, laugh and don’t forget to share the awesomeness. You know you were guilty of sporting at least half of these, if not more!

1. Crunchy Curls: Psh, who really needed a blow dryer when you could just scrunch your wet mane up with a ton of hair gel and go? Maybe you’d break out a diffuser if you were feeling extra stylish. If not, no biggie. You knew those curls would be dry and hard as a rock in no time flat.


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2. Body Glitter: It was like, the one makeup must-have you absolutely couldn’t live without! You had it in a bajillion different colors from Claire’s and would legit smear it on any and everywhere: your chest, your stomach, your face, your arms, your legs…it didn’t really matter. Every body part was meant to be blinged!

Body Glitter

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3. Pastel Eyeshadow: Bright blue was obvs your go-to hue, and you made sure to smear that shiz ALL OVER your eyelids, similar to this:

Pastel Eyeshadow

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4. Crimped Hair: If you didn’t have a crimping iron that you busted out on the reg, you clearly didn’t know what was up in the beauty department in the 90s. Sometimes you’d crimp up your whole head and other times you’d be too lazy so you’d only do a few strands.

Crimped Hair

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5. Playboy Tanning Stickers: Um, because how else were you supposed to know how tan you got before prom and homecoming and every other school dance!? #classy

Playboy Tanning Sticker

6. Stiff Prom Updos: Going through an entire can of hairspray to ensure your gorgeous twisted up ‘do didn’t budge was really nothing out of the ordinary when prepping for prom.

Stiff Prom Updos

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7. Henna Tattoos: I specifically remember getting a henna butterfly tramp stamp with my friend Meredith our freshman year of high school spring break. Yeah, we were cool.

Butterfly Henna Tattoo

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8. Bath And Body Works Sprays: The next best thing to perfume, you owned every scent under the sun and would spray the crap out of yourself before going anywhere, the movies included.

Bath And Body Works Sprays

9. Sleek, High Ponytails: They had to sit right on top of your head with absolutely no bumps at all! If there was even one bump, you’d have to take it down and start all over again. You always hung your head off the side of your bed to achieve this look.

Sleek High Ponytails

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10. Colorful Hair Wraps: No trip to the Bahamas was truly complete without coming back with a colorful hair wrap that eventually made your locks fall out. You didn’t care though. You were right on trend.

Hair Wraps

11. White Eyeliner: Paired with a frosty lip and some pastel shadow, white eyeliner was a no brainer. You couldn’t get enough of that stuff!

White Eyeliner

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12. Caked On Makeup: Let’s just say, the natural look wasn’t exactly in your vocabulary yet. My brother liked to refer to this trend as the “Makeup Shotgun,” which he swears some of my friends used.

Caked On Makeup

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13. Sun-In: Summer meant one thing and one thing only: time to stock up on Sun-In and turn your hair yellow!

Sun In

14. Lip Smackers Chapstick: From Dr. Pepper to Cotton Candy, you weren’t cool if you didn’t own an entire bookbag full of Lip Smackers Chapstick in middle school. That’s not to say you weren’t constantly testing out all your friends’ flavors though.

Lip Smackers Chapstick

15. French Manicure Tips: Fake nails were all the rage in high school. A french manicure was basically a prom prerequisite. And of course, your toenails had to match too.

French Manicure Tips

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16. The Topsy Tail: Whether you forced your mom to order it straight off the TV or not, every young girl had a Topsy Tail tool, perfect for creating stunning hairdos like this:

Topsy Tail

17. Hair Ribbons: You definitely didn’t have to be on the cheerleading squad to recognize the value of a pretty hair ribbon (or three) wrapped around your ponytail. So beautimus!

Hair Ribbons

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18. Foil Star Stickers For Your Face: Because blinging out your body with glitter clearly wasn’t enough. You had to add a gorgeous gold, silver, blue, green, or red star sticker right next to your eye to make a true style statement.

Foil Star Stickers

19. Baby Oil For Tanning: There was no need for expensive bottles of bronzing lotion when you could just slather baby oil all over your teenage body, meet up with your friends and bake outside in the sun. Hey, you’d do anything for a dark tan!

Baby oil tanning

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20. The Half Up/Half Down ‘Do: This was by far your favorite hairstyle in middle and high school. It was really ideal for any occasion, from fancy to casual.

Half Up Half Down Hair

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